Monday, March 7, 2016 at 10:36AM
Martin Lindeskog in Kevin Rose, Lyceum Bulletin, Revue, The Journal, WorkLife, newsletter

Here is an excerpt from the first issue of my newsletter, Lyceum Bulletin:

Is e-mail “dead”? Will my news bulletin be able to cut through the digital noise and create buzz? How could I have time to read my own newsletter, if I am struggling with all the notifications and messages?I got an aha! moment when I read Kevin Rose’s revamped newsletter, The Journal, and decided it was time to create my first real newsletter.


@mdekuijper @revue Great! Read @kevinrose's newsletter, The Journal. I will test it for my upcoming site, built w/ Workstation @studiopress.

— Martin Lindeskog (@Lyceum) February 2, 2016


It will be interesting to see how Revue will compete with the traditional newsletter tools.

Do you have your own newsletter? Do you have a favorite newsletter? 

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