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    • Marketing Judo: Building Your Business Using Brains Not Budget
      Marketing Judo: Building Your Business Using Brains Not Budget
      by John Barnes, Richard Richardson
    • The Money Bubble
      The Money Bubble
      by James Turk, John Rubino
    • Ayn Rand: The Playboy Interview (50 Years of the Playboy Interview)
      Ayn Rand: The Playboy Interview (50 Years of the Playboy Interview)
      by Ayn Rand , Playboy
    • Free Market Revolution: How Ayn Rand's Ideas Can End Big Government
      Free Market Revolution: How Ayn Rand's Ideas Can End Big Government
      by Yaron Brook, Don Watkins
    • The Objective Standard: Winter 2013-14, Vol. 8, No. 4
      The Objective Standard: Winter 2013-14, Vol. 8, No. 4
      by Craig Biddle
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    I am doing a play with words and hereby announce the following statement to the "public":

    It is time to update EGO Sole Trader website! It took me about 1 year before all pieces (pages) were in place. Now I need to do some site changes in the near future.

    Squarespace - A Better Web Awaits

    Feel free to give me suggestions and feedback on my site!

    I was thinking of adding an "under construction" image as a retro thingy! ;) I ended up with this beautiful photo by Walt Stoneburner:

    Things going through the pipeline:


    I recently got a phone call from a friend who asked me if I knew about the new site, Neurs. I said that I didn't recall the name, but I did a search in my Gmail and found a notification from Twitter that I had received a DM from Dr. Denis Cauvier on January 12.

    Could this site be the "holy grail" for entrepreneurs? I am not sure about it, but it could be worth to test it out. The initial impression is that the founders need to scale up their site, so they could take care of the interest in the site. I sent the following tweet message:


    I have been able to send out five invitations so far, after trying several times...

    What do you think about the business idea?

    If you want to have an invite to this new site, you could contact me, after I have managed to send out the sixth invitation, so I can get additional invites (24?)...



    It has taken a long time to develop my personalized kanban workflow system, but the pieces are coming together and I am starting to get an overview picture of the time management puzzle. I know that I should have one place for incoming stuff (ideas, notes, to-do activities, projects, etc.), but it is a struggle to do that due to all the different channels you have, e.g., email, note books, social media channels, and so on...

    I think that Fetchnotes could be a tool that will fit my worklife, using both low tech and high tech tools. The note taking app is based on the idea that you create hashtags for different contexts and areas in your life. You could then search on these tags and share the notes with others by using the @ symbol and forward the note via the contact information in your address book.

    Do you think that I will manage to integrate Fetchnotes in my daily routine and that it could become a habit to take notes in this way? I will take on the challenge and give it "3 weeks"...

    Since that launch in 2012 and graduation from Techstars Boston that winter, we noticed some interesting trends. The people who lasted about 3 weeks stayed users long-term (the product gets stickier the longer you use it), but forming that initial habit was really difficult — except for the people who shared with others.

    (One small step for a dog, one giant leap for Fetchnotes, November 13, 2013)

    Which is your favorite note taking app?

    Simon_Sinek by Raftaman, on Flickr
    Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 Generic License  by  Raftaman 


    How do you find applications (apps) for your worklife? Do you get tips from the apps highlighted in the app store? Or do you find it by searching for categories? I bet that you find many apps through tips from friends and business contacts. How about online reviews?

    I recently upgraded to an iPhone 5 S. I had hundreds of apps on my old iPhone 4 S. I wanted to add apps in a slow pace this time around! ;)

    Here is the second screen:

    Voice memo, FaceTime, calculator and contacts are default apps on the iPhone. I have then added the following:


    • Skype
    • Telenor (the mobile phone operator)
    • Travel planner (for buses, trams, trains, etc.)
    • Foursquare
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • HootSuite
    • Instagram
    • Evernote
    • Procraster
    • WorkFlowy
    • Any.DO
    • Note
    • Podrunner
    • SoundCloud
    • Downcast


    And here is the third screen:



    Since the screen shot of the third screen, I have added the following:



    I added two apps on the Pomodoro technique after I had listened to a talk by Mai-Li of MuteWatch.

    I want to add the personal assistant, Donna, Manage Your Day app, but I can't find it in the App Store on my iPhone... 



    I will be studying the works by Robert Fritz during 2014. Tomas Löwstedt of Dynamic Urge will guide me through the creative process. Here is an excerpt from the post, The Most Successful Process for Accomplishment in History:

    The popular image of the creative process and of creators is totally wrong. Rather than having bursts of irrational creative energy that explode into exploits leading to masterpieces, creators - especially professional ones who have deadlines, budgets, and so on - have a practical sense of logistics, craft, and technical aspects of their various fields. They also have imagination, which is put to good use on behalf of the outcomes they want to create.

    Now, here is the most obvious, and yet most ironically obscure point that reaches well beyond the talented among us: the creative process is the most effective process by which to create a life you love. It can be learned by everyone, the same way people can learn to drive a car, use a computer, play golf, or build a business.

    We have not been trained to think of our lives as the subject matter of the creative process. Even great artists often do not think to use what they have mastered in their art and apply it to their lives. They do their art one way, and their lives another way.

    (, May 15, 2013.)

    What's is your take on the creative process in your daily work?

    Creating by Robert Fritz. Hat tip: Tomas Löwstedt, Dynamic Urge.

    Creating by Robert Fritz.